Wednesday, January 21, 2004

xin nian quai le!hahas.im sooo happy 2dae every body came bk!even twins!ahh!yay.i came 2 skool 2 c half our class gathered @ uppe concourse.i wuz lyk,hello!hello!ahahs.yups everybody wuz laughing lotsa hugs fer every body!lyk family reunion,not class reunion.me ♥ 6j03!yeps.can we work more on 6j webby?lyk haf a tagboard n stuff.happy chinese new yr pple!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

hey guys....u noe it sounds so weird to sae "hey gals!"..sounds so t-cher-ish.hmmmmm....im pweety sad larx....zhang dursent even say hello to me or return a smile nemore:-( its lyk .....i dunno..cold.i suppose we must alwaes be forward looking but u cunt expect me 2 4get 3 yrs of frenship in an instant rite?class tee...ok lor we wear @ reunion only.((:

i wenta find mk n hummy 2dae...soooooo happee!we went 2 ask hummie fer hong bao lehx!hahas.so cheeky.n mk almost whacked me with her mandrin oranges when i told her im going 2 b taller den her...haha.tmr 41 pple all troop of 2 find them if they r there!hm...+ hummy's stomach bigger lehx..u noe she wuz actually wearing lyk flat shoes??wad happen to the 7 inches?just hope we dun influence her babee too much.she might get heart attack man....hApEE nEW yEAr!!!!~~~


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