Friday, January 16, 2004

HEY PPLE I CHANGED Y E-MAIL NOW ITS CALLED wildstallion14@hotmail.com.email me often!tnksa million!:))

Monday, January 12, 2004

heyy pple....sorrie if i blind u las.....if i do i dnoo u kks?cuz i LYK this color n i just feel lyk it 2dae.skool's finally improving...i actually starting 2 lyk my class lehx!but they cunt be compared to my justians...sigh.um can everybody lyk find 1 fine dae 2 go visit hummy n khong?ah lui can dreem on n i tink i'll bash up james since she cunt do anything wif me now.hmpf!!!!!is hummy resting @ home ar?nvr c her nowadaes...didcha guys hear about the eugenia+phee phee joke?well,dats wat dey call him larx.eug had cramps during sec 1 orientation camp,so that somebody(grins @ ally) wenta inform mr phee about it.then he wuz lyk:I NOE WHAT UR EXPERIENCING , EUGINIA, wat lyk does he have that thing oso?den sherm wuz lyk,wat kinda brand pads do u wear mr phee?ahahs...i oso went fer third lang 2dae.MET CRYSTAL!!!!!she lyk turned so shy.......hope she's doing well lyk she alwaes does.luya crys!:)) um n i oso saw by bestee.miss ng...yonghui!i tell u she look so diff in a white skirt.ohh n she cut her hair.what big news.bleh.anyway,my teacher wuz all bonjour n ovua n see laux!i wuz going huh?ev. few moments....by the time the lesson ended maple n i were breathless kk!n some1 got diahorea in the toilet.it seriously STANK.phew!im gald im home:))home sweet home!!!♥


mail : wildstallion14@hotmail.com
class:6 jUstIcE!(but it still*rawks*!) class:sec 1 grace
nicknames:jun/myrtle/small gal<--only applies to strangers hu just found out i am sec 1

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