Saturday, December 20, 2003

hi pple im back!ha has.the korea trip wuz gr8 larx...esp oso since eleanor came wif moi.we played snowbuster @ evaland.....tree swing @ lotte world...next time i'll try the viking.lotte world sooooo cool...the place is built lyk a village...with lotsa rides INDOORS !how cool is that?too bad it only snowed fer 1 dae larx...rather disppointing.we oso went skiing....ended up i wuz the only gal left skiing wif the boys.the rest of the 5 gals were all snowball fighting!we cudunt built snowman...not allowed n anyway fake snow just dursent stick.its just ice anyway.the real snow is lyk.....cotton wool!!!!sigh.i wna go again...4 yrs latta.den lotte world 2 will be built...next yr most slightly going china wif eleanor a gain...i cunt wait!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

hey guys!luffu !ha ha.ok,i'll be gone till friday,so dun bother 2 sms me becuz i cannot receive in korea.just wna let u all noe i miss u lyk xiao n merry christmas!HARK!hee hee sorry harky.


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