Saturday, December 06, 2003

GUYS! sorrie fer not ritin' 4 a week....i had church camp for 5 daes.i noe i noe.church camp?sounds reelly boring horx...actually i had so much fun...there was worship of course...n toks n sharing...but there were oso games..ultra fun man...hmmm....my jc roomie xy (xueyi) absoulutely CANNOT wake up in 3 morning 1 lorx...so ev mor. we wake up 8:30 den take her pillow,blanket n bedspread.ha ha!den @ nite we hide dem,so she treasure hunt ev night.aft. she brush teeth all her things missing again!hax.so she take all her things to the toilet n bk during brushing...so ridiculous.lucky she sa cheerful las.got no temper 1. + i learnt how to play taiti!so on the last nite when nbdy sleeps,gals play taiti n gossip den guys play soccer till lyk,5 in the morning???there wuz this group dat went 5th floor to sing n they got chased out my jaygee...the warden.now im bk @ home 2nd dae...can finally bathe wifout pple splashing water @ me feet.ahhh....


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