Saturday, November 22, 2003

ok pple,i just wanna say this cuz im so confused,happee bcuz my results,happee dat whole class did us proud,yes,WHOLE CLASS.6 justice i am so proud of u.without u,all dat studying wud b unbearable,n life would be meaningless.thank u 4 everything.i love all of u!!!!!!:))n i reelly mean it,n maybe im sad bcuz we'll split,den happee again cuz most of us r cuming back,n not possible all 43 pple spilt 1.this will turn out ok.believe me.it will.we all worked hard rite?how can it not turn out gr8?abby darx,dun b sad kk?cuz its not ur results dat count.its u.and every1 noes dat ABBY IS A GR8 FREN N GAL.clov,u oso.dun cry..cuz i'l alwix be dere 4 u...UR GR8 GAL N FREN TOO...JUST BELIEVE IN URSELF.every1 loves u two 4 u!!!!n thanx again EVERY1...i nearly 4got teechers...zls,u might teech me next yr rite??u rock.u made me change my mind about chinese n im reelly gr8ful ok?king khong...heyy ive nvr met a teacher who tells a class so much about herself.tnks 4 everything n stay evil!hummy....u probably nvr met such a notty class lyk mine.but u hafta admit we DO haf class spirit rite?tnks 4 everything.ur jokes n encouragement.u win the tanjunyin best math teecher award cuz u knew my math wuz atrocious but u encouraged my ANYWAEZ.congrats ar,itsa gal!i'll visit her next yr.erm...last thing i wanna post.........
p6 justice 2003 u rawk 4eva!!!!!!!

whee'.oh wells.i got my psle results 2dae...254.yay! my mum still wunt get me roller-shoes!worried 4 my safety.hees.i kinda screamed when i got my results.i had dreamt i got 237.scary.i'm rather happee..my mum wasnt even worried b4 i went 2 collect results..cuz she already knew my results @ 9+ in the morning!!!!!turns out mrs sim called her.hax.got nothing much else 2 sae...just a BIG thank you 2 all my frenz,family n teechers who helped n supported me...it sounds lyk im making a formal speech.hmm...gna take french next yr,twins,sherm n rach oso.i can oso finally go 2 korea in peace!hooray!:))

Thursday, November 20, 2003

we r having our graduation concert today...I DUNT WANNA SAY GOODBYE!I LIKE HELLO!!!!!!!!!!well,too upset 2 type anymore...c u tonite..

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

help.just help.2 more days n im totally gna lose meself..our whole class(ok maybe not sarah)is gonna totally break down tomorrow.poor lynette...just hope she noes she'll alwaes be remembered by p6j 2003...i dun care im gna tok 2 her mom myself or sumthing...i'd prefer freedom 2 riches any dae.can u believe even pris cried?i mean,she isint reely emotional type.then al,then my eyes started 2 water.....how am i gna face a new class by myself?ive alwaes relied on frenz frm 6j 4 help.even if we do keep in touch.how long will dat be?changing no. new frenz...new blogs...*sigh*.if only we cud stae 2gether ar,i'd give up my whole wishlist,my fone.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

im going pam's house latta 4 swimming n bbq...cant wait!i will b a little l8 tho,both parents not free.i dunno why im upd8ing so early in morning...ok maybe not so early lahx...alyssa linked mua...she called me baby jun!!!!ha ha.giant alyssa.n todae happens 2 be xr's hatchdae so this is 4 her...

Monday, November 17, 2003

today wuz quite ok..even wif james around.can u beleeve it?she cudnt reelly find anything 2 complain about..the fun part wuz that mrs khong oso bcum so anti james..ha ha.she n her class wore black frm lyk,toes 2 head,her watch was black,her shoes were au au,blah.ms james didnt complain..i guess u cant relly scold the gals if it was e tcher hu told them 2 wear dat.xr is plotting on how we shud let james noe about her website...to visit click on the link dat sae james suck.....


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