Saturday, November 15, 2003


nothing much 2dae...just dat i got dis extremely notty horse during horse riding that kept drying 2 nuzzle into moi...my whole finger went in his mouth as a result..his name was dynamite duck.quack.i felt his tyth...so big n strong...not 2 mention the slobber...gna taka lk @ e other blogs now..

Friday, November 14, 2003

im writing this in a dark color so that EVERYONE, including dat f***king james can c it.we had a very interesting conversation about stoopid james wif zls 2dae.i guess frenx will noe hu she is...i dun wna get dat person into trouble wif a fat mushrm...2dae dat stoopid fungi wuz going:''i cant hear wad dey r saein'...even tho theyre loud...blah.wadever!!!!*rolls eyes*.she cant skold moi 4 <---dat cuz its none of her big fat buttness n this is free tok.how can she skold zls lyk dat!zls is her zhang bei lorx...den she skolded pple 4 not coming @ 1:00p.m on the absolute dot...when it wuz bcuz mk held dem back.im so sick of her...when i can gallop on a horse she'll b mua prime target..i'll trample her 2 death so dat the p6s after us wudnt haf 2 suffer in her hands or under her fat buttocks...lets really start a blog called A.J.A kk???.....pam will join,ju will join...ha ha.curse dat stoopid woman!!!!!

ps:soli if me choice of words so cu lu...im so agitated.

i oso went j8 wif ju,sherm,colv,pam n mdm cheong.we took dat 8 beeeeeem thingy...mdm cheong included!so fun...+ we already bot our pants.cheers'!~


Thursday, November 13, 2003

so cute rite?i luv blinkies,only i dunno how 2 anim8 dem,im gonna figure out ..love yoo pple!!

i reelly shudunt be coming onlne again,but the curious moi couldnt wait to c my tagboard.thanks so much ju!.i ready went on 4 more den 2 hrs just now in the staffrm..*looks guilty*anyway i just wanted to post dis...

.6 jUstICe rAwKs.

yep,u guys took up 1/4 of my life lehs!n u all rock mua life.....

hiya...we went back skool 2dae n miss james wuz so irritable...she kept on skolding pple 4 nothing.she praised the prefects so sherm craned her neck n lkd,den miss james skolded her 4 *rolling ur eyes*she wuz all"i saw that, shermaine."blah.i nvr tot i'd sae dis but poor sherm.she wuz lyk crying lorx!not bcuz she was scolded but bcuz she was misunderstood by a fat mushrm in front of everybody.n its damn humiliating.i shud reelly start an anti-james-association.i bet alot of pple wll join 1.scally james scold us 4 not lettin her join...she seems to be suffering frm a "must scold pple ev dae" illness.i wunder if its fatal? zls trusted we dancers 2 get our costumes done,but the irresponsible us didnt ,so dat james person skolded zls!wat lorx...i rather she skol us coz its not zls's fault.even guai guai pam oso curse her lehx....i cunt blieve it.@ horseriding 2dae i got a horse called santana...so notty,the flies seemed 2 lyk her so much n i hadta hold her reins so tight coz she wuz swishing her head around lyk mad.hax.....den latta i dismounted n she started drooling!it soaked right throo my riding gloves.yuk.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

im backie.whee'.added more color 2 dis blog...i cundunt stand all my links dat khaki colour.i cant wait till 7,i wanna watch holland v...dat stoopid ah ming just so stoopid..i h8 him lyk hell...cant wait till tom den can hang out wif p6J again...our daes r sooooooooooo limited:((. REALLY! cant dey just let us go sec 1 2getha?i'm reeeeellllllyyyy gonna miss ev1 lorx!!*sniffs*.i dun care if the whole st nicks is prejuduced aganst p6J 2003...we ~rawk~

todae so xian,got ntng 2 do @ hm.i was just listening 2 stacie orrico:stuck..so nice!sarah's gna re-decor her rm n she ask moi 2 help her.we might b doing graffiti.*yay*!i wna get my comments box done soon..maybe can approach juleh 4 help...i'll write again latta.cya pple...

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

argh...2dae skool so terrible.ms james scolded sum "late" pple who turned up @ 7:54a.m. she scolded them 4 turning up @ 8!!!hello?has her watch gone wrong or sumthing?anyway she didnt even look @ her wrist so i think maybe she anyhow guess time.nvm.den latta justice n purity were playing n gues hu she scolded?justice.dunno why she so prejudiced.dunno why all the t-chers all dun lyk our clas....what did we do wrong?not lyk we r stuck up or wat.me ,al,abby,n ju played ring a round of rosies...ha ha.so childish but soo fun...(:

Monday, November 10, 2003

2dae we went heritage tour:!!!chinatown!!! n i nearly fell asleep*snore*lorx....got so bored in the bus den dat tour guide was so loud..that voice progecting thingy was lyk so loud n every1 wen 1/2 deaf......den we went 2 dis temple n sarah had headache cuz of the incense smell.we went hokker centre n sarah n i share i chicken rice n she discovered tt bubble tea rawks:(i oso found out me ss mks...69/100.wow.so pathetic.i didnt haf the bk tho,my HE wuz a happier case..i got 94..whee.but it dursent matter,it wun affect my PLSE mks... heng


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